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Laurie Kaplowitz Explores Ritual in Expressive Paintings _Part: 2

artist on Tumblr

Boston based artist Laurie Kaplowitz describes herself as a “figurative painter committed to Expressive Figuration”. In other words, Kaplowitz creates imagery focused on expressing her emotions, portrayed as ghostly, textured figures. Stylistically, she takes inspiration from Italian Renaissance painter Titian. He reportedly used layers and glazes in his portraits to represent the layers of human identity. Kapolowitz uses the same approach in her process by painting the portrait over and over again until it resonates off the canvas. At the same time, the subject appears light and airy as if disappearing into space.

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Hand Cut Paper Microbes by Rogan Brown

Through his incredible works, made of ​​many compositions and paper cutouts forcing admiration, the artist Rogan Brown seeks to represent and explore various forms from organic element coming from vegetal or mineral worlds. Designs and patterns repeated, to pay tribute to these natural elements, playing on the scales, to move from microscopic to macroscopic.

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Highly detailed illustrations by AlexCoroll

on Behance

The images of the artist I want to share with you today, those of graphic designer and artist Alexander Coroll, are pieces I’d love to see in real life sometime. The mixed media pieces contain a lot of detail, and I got a feeling that these would look even better seen up close then as a small picture on the internet. His latest series for instance, ‘Just a human’, consists of insanely detailed mixed media works. Coroll uses gouache, water-colour, ink and photo’s to create these images, resulting in works you can look at for ages and still discover new details.